Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Why I love Mexico-- Reason Number 1.

One of the questions I am often asked, is why I live in Mexico, and what makes me stay.

One of, or probably more accurately, the biggest reason to me, is the people. Mexicans are open, friendly, and sharing is done without even a thought. They have taught me to slow down and enjoy what, and who, is around you. To absolutely live in the moment. Walking down the street, everyone makes eye contact and greets you. I have been invited into homes for parties and to share meals, by total strangers, just because I was in the vicinity. Laughter, music, food, and drink have no language barriers.

Because I have crewed on boat deliveries up and down the coast, I have found myself traveling on buses alone, quite often. Almost every bus station, and bus that I have been on, someone has approached me just to make sure that I knew where I was going and that I was comfortable. I have been handed beer and empanadas without prompting and when I try to pay, I am just waved off with a smile.

Last year at this time I found myself in La Paz after another delivery. When we arrived at the port, I checked the Baja Ferry website, asked around the marina, and found out that the ferry left for Mazatlan everyday at 9 am. I took the 250 peso, 45 minute taxi ride to the terminal early the next morning only to find out that indeed, it did leave everyday at 9 am......except Saturday. It happened to be Saturday. However, the ferry to Topolobampo was leaving at 5 pm.

Instead of going back to town, I settled down at a table by a roadside taco stand. I had my iPod, camera, book, and journal, so I was prepared to kill some time. Keep in mind, this is Baja.....desert....nothing for miles but rocks and snakes. After a couple hours I ordered some lunch and a Coke. I asked for a cup of ice, but was told they had none. No worries, I said, the Coke was more than cold enough. I didn't think twice about it when an older gentleman at a table next to mine got up, and hobbled away on his cane. He returned about 20 minutes later, set down a cup of ice, gave me a smile, and hobbled off again without a word. I have NO clue where he must have went to retrieve that cup of ice!

It is a much shorter ferry ride to Topolobampo, but then you have to take the bus from Los Mochis to Mazatlan. I reached the bus station in Los Mochis about 10 am the next day, and booked my seat for the next bus to Mazatlan, which was 4 pm. Once again, I found myself a quiet corner and plopped down. When my stomach started to rumble, I approached the girl from whom I bought my ticket, and asked her about places to eat. She told me about a couple restuarants then stopped and asked if I could wait a half hour. No problem- I just assumed she wanted to show me some places instead of trying to tell me where they were located.

Thirty minutes later, she collected me from my corner. We walked a few blocks, and to my suprise, we entered into her home. The family did not lose a stride when the strange gringa appeared in the doorway, and not only did they share their afternoon meal, her father thought it good manners to drink some tequila with me as well. The family poodle, Poco, even decided that my lap needed warming. Once again, not only did they refuse money from me, her mother sent me away with a bag lunch for the bus trip and made me promise that I would visit if I found myself in Los Mochis again.

Her dad slipped me a water bottle filled with more tequila.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Semana Santa- Mazatlan 2012

It is Easter Week in Mexico- known as Semana Santa. All schools and universities in Mexico take this week as their Spring Break and everyone heads to the beach! It is not just students, but the entire family.

Fun group from Torreon.

Traffic is beyond horrible- what would normally take 5 minutes to drive becomes 2 hours. Convience stores and ATM's are constantly depleted. The best way to deal, is to stock up on grocieries and whatever money you may need early in the week. Then you park your vehicle for a few days, walk around and join in the party!

Eye candy for everyone's taste!

Beaches are packed beyond belief!

Musicians come from all over Mexico to play for the vacationers.