Sunday, March 25, 2007

Banda Music

Nothing says "Welcome to Mexico" quite like moving into a neighborhood where two banda groups practice and throw parties. Banda is a type of music that originated here in the state of Sinaloa during the late 1930's, and exploded in popularity during the 1990's. The groups usually consist of 12-20 members. There are generally 2 singers and the rest are brass, percussion and woodwinds. Let me assure you, they play with alot of heart, soul and most importantly, lungs! Me, being the former band geek that I was, can really appreciate this music. It is most definately lively! We have one group on the same side of the street, two doors down and another across the street and catty corner from us. Trust me, when they get wound up, they may as well be playing at the foot of our bed! The nights that they practice is not too bad, they usually wrap up around midnight or so. The nights they have parties is a whole other matter. The latest I recall that one band played was until 10 am the next morning. I found this clip on YouTube of Banda el Recodo, considered to be one of the best, to give you an idea of the sound.

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Jorge G said...

That's a great video. Mazatlan is a great city. I hope you are loving it.
I'm sure you like the seafood from there.

And Banda El Recodo rocks, yeah!!