Thursday, October 18, 2007

The times they are a-changin'

Monday night, David and I were discussing the weather, how there seemed to be no wind all weekend, but then it appeared again Monday in a different direction. Tuesday we awoke to a crisp morning and the windows have been open every since. Could it be rainy season is over? It is a little early and there is Tropical Storm Kiko churning off the coast keeping my hopes alive for another good squall (although it does not, at this time, look like it will impact us) We have had no rain for a couple of weeks, so I have been back to topping off the pool and watering plants. I did not realize how many more plants I had accumulated the last couple of months until I had to start hosing them down again! Anyways, I really hope summer is not coming to a close, it is my favorite season here. I love watching the thunderheads building over the mountains in the afternoon and the spectacular sunsets over the Pacific those very same clouds create. Something else we heard "pre-move" was about how brutal the summer months are in Mazatlan. After living through two of them, I can tell you this, add about 10 degrees to the temperature, keep the humidity the same, take away the ocean breeze and the frequent thunderstorms at night, add 4 months and you have San Antonio. I do realize that it is all relative depending on what you are used to, of course. Someone from Edmonton, for example, would find it a wee bit more uncomfortable than we do. Now don't get me wrong about the winter weather, it is great. Think 75-80 farenheight during the day, around 55-60 at night, low humidity. This lasts for 8 months and you will almost never see rain, so to me, it does get just a little dull. Of course, in the bigger picture, there are alot worse things to bitch about!

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