Thursday, March 06, 2008

Housecalls are cool!

So one morning last week I woke up about 3 am to a very active bowel area. David found me 3 hours later on the toilet with the trashcan between my knees - everything in my lower torso was cramping up and spewing like a geyser. David was trying to find out what was going on (other than the obvious) and all I could do was moan, grunt and occasionally point. He went downstairs, made a couple of phone calls to work, then came back upstairs to tell me he was taking me to the doctor. Our doctor does not get in to his office until 10-ish and his office is in El Centro, where parking the USS Ford is a large pain in the rear, so I informed David that unless he commandeered a porta-potty and strapped it down in the back of the truck for me to ride in, there was no way I could make it. Truth be known, I think I actually only managed to blurt out the word "can't", but he managed to translate. Luckily, we have Dr Torres' cell phone number and as it turns out he lives very near us, so he popped in here at the house on his way to the clinic. He gave me an exam, wrote out some prescriptions and informed me he was going to give me a shot. Now, I was raised around the farming/ranching business and worked as a veterinary technician for 15 years, so I have utilized countless needles, both with animals and people. The problem is, when one is pointed in my direction, I become a quivering mass that can only blurt out "no, no, no, no, no, no". I'll blame that on my brother, he ruined Santa for me at an early age, used to put a beanbag on top of me, sit on it and make me listen to KISS for hours, so I am sure he probably made me watch some torture movie that involved needles and dentist drills at an impressionable age. Anyways, to David's complete shock, Dr Torres had barely finished the sentence and I was already flopped over with a buttock exposed. I just wanted everything to STOP! Within a couple of hours of his visit, the cramping had ceased, but I was still throwing up every 15-20 minutes and that continued all day. Dr Torres had called to check on me early afternoon, and said he would be by on his way home around 6 or so. It turned out, he had an emergency surgery so he called David with an electrolyte solution (1 liter of water, 1/2 tsp of salt, 8 tablespoons of sugar) for me to sip on and he would call after he got out of surgery. As it turned out, during that time period, everything calmed and there was no need for a return visit or more shots. Dr Torres coming to the house to treat me was the best 400 pesos I think I have ever spent! It really took me about a week to get straight, but I am back in the saddle now! Thanks Dr Torres!!!


Kate said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Looks as though you are a year-round visitor whereas we are snowbirds, returning to MN on the 29th. Lucky you, except for the summer months!

Nancy said...

Glad you are better....what was it? Stomach flu? What was in the shot?

Nice to see you back blogging. Should you do a post about setting up a business in Mexico?

Hasta luego!

Sans said...

Well, honestly, I can't tell you. David did all the talking, I was too busy dry heaving. I do intend to have a dialogue with Dr Torres about the pros/cons of taking the "pill" everyone takes every 6 months to clean out. Since we are here full-time, maybe it is better to build up a tolerance? As far as setting up a business post, that will have to come later...I am still working on that!

Sans said...
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