Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sinaloa Arts Fair

It is already ongoing, but this is the schedule I have for the remainder of the Sinaloa Arts Fair. Go out and enjoy!!
Oct. 11
Aldoo Rodriquez (Sinaloa) electro-accoustical music
Plazuela Machado - 7 pm
Oct. 12
The Rodriquez Bros (USA) Afro-cuban jazz
Plazuela Machado - 7 pm
Oct. 16
La Pire Espece (Canada) marionettes, theatre,clowning
Antonio Haas Theatre - 6:30 pm
Oct 16
Quarteto Gelatto (Canada) Classical, tango, gyspy, etc
Mazatlan Art Museum - 8 pm
Oct. 17
Edward Gonzalez (Mexico) flautist
Angela Peralta - 8 pm
Oct. 19
Sarruga (Spain) gigantic "insects"
Streets of Centro Historico - 7 pm
Oct. 21
Joan Manuel Serrat (Spain) singer-guitarist
Angela Peralta Theatre - 8 pm
Oct. 22
Grupo Folklorio Sinaloense w/Maraguan (Cuba) outdoor exhibition
Plazuela Republica - 8 pm
Oct. 23
Delta Teatro (Sinaloa) spanish theatre
Antonio Haas Theatre - 8 pm
Oct. 24
Sinaloa Symphony of the Arts Tarab Octet w/guitarist Alfredo Sanchez
popular music
Angela Peralta Theatre - 8 pm
Oct. 25
Tatuas (Sinaloa) "The Midnight Evening" spanish theatre
Antonio Haas Theatre - 8 pm
Oct. 26
Ana Belen and Victor Manuel (Spain)
Free Gala Concert - closes the 2008 SAF
Plazuela Republica - 7 pm


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Nancy said...'s December now, what's going on? Did you move to Centro?

See ya!

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Sans said...

Sorry for being a slacker. I have been very distracted for a few months. I am back in the saddle now!