Sunday, February 18, 2007


There has been a very obvious tingle in the air the last couple of weeks as Mazatlan has been preparing for Carnaval. Also traffic snags, and people, herds and herds of people. So far we have only attended two events, the first being a concert a couple of weeks ago at the Angela Peralta Theatre. It featured the Mazatlan Orchestra and three female opera singers singing various arias by Puccini. Please fogive me for I cannot remember the names of the ladies that sang. Regardless, it was excellent. Last night we watched the Ship to Shore Fireworks display. This is a show that comemmerates the successful defense of Mazatlán from the attacking French warship "La Cordeliere" in 1864 during the French-Mexican war. We chose to take the harbor cruise with Yates Fiesta. It was well worth it just for the view! We were in the harbor next to the ship that represented France so we had excellent seats! The pictures did not come out good, but they are kinda groovy!

For some reason I want a Martini........

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