Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Whale Tale

Ok, so David and I decided to go bottom fishing yesterday (panga boat, maybe 26-28 foot - fishing for red snapper, grouper, etc) By the way, we highly reccomend Pepe's Fishing for both deep sea and bottom fishing. Great guys and we have ALWAYS caught fish with them -(www.pepesfleet.com) Back to the story, it was an absolutlely beautiful day to be out on the water! The sun was shining, about 80 degrees, seas were nice and calm. Suddenly, we hear what sounded kind of like a muffled gunshot in the distance. We look around, then two whale tails appear splashing the water about 200 yards away. Really awesome! We watched them spew water out of their blowholes (hence the muffled sound we heard) and saw the tails splash for about a minute then they disappeared. There was silence and we saw nothing for about another 1-2 minutes. Then I hear the whale sounds just like on the Discovery Channel. Immediately I thought, no, I just want to hear that, it is really my imagination. Then we all heard them. Squeaks and other weird sounding whale talk. We notice it gets closer, and closer, and louder. Then next thing you know, the whale jabber is VERY LOUD and immediately below us, and the bottom of the boat actually seemed like it vibrated just a little from the sounds. We are staring at each other, eyes wide and jaws to our knees, when my reel took off like you wouldn't believe! I was amazed it didn't smoke. Yup, Sandy caught a whale. (it actually probably just ran through my line and got hooked, but whatever, it's my story) David, man of action, jumped in and cut the line. I couldn't do it, I was too busy staring at the reel and trying not to wet my shorts. Anyways, it was a very succesful day catch-wise! Red snapper, perch, yellow tail, sea bass, grouper, so on and so forth. We took some red snapper to The Purple Onion and told the chef to just do with the fish whatever he felt would be best. He lightly fried it and served it with three sauces on the side. A spicy cilantro sauce, a garlic sauce, and a veracruz sauce. They all three were my favorites, it just depended on which one I ate last.

Biggest one of the day (I caught it!) Notice the size 7 1/2 flip flop to give you an idea of length.

The gang at the fish cleaning tables.

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