Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Back to the real world and 8 random things about Sans

We just spent a few days out at Estrella del Mar. It really was a great "not really a vacation" vacation. Even for David it was a nice break even though he, of course, worked. He did have a 1 minute commute and could take a nap at lunch. It was wonderful to have miles of empty beach and the only sounds that can be heard are the waves crashing and an occasional bird chirping. The traffic and noise of Mazatlan are a world away out there! Chili and I would start the day by walking about 20 minutes down the shore to the clubhouse and then I would hit some balls on the driving range. The rest of the day was spent deciding between "times" : pool time, beach time, tee time, and nap time. It was tough, light a candle for me.

We also let loose baby turtles one evening, which is quite a treat. I highly reccomend, if anyone is in Mazatlan during the hatching season (August through early December), you should go out to Estrella and help gather or release. It is one of those things that gives you a feeling hard to describe. It just feels good and we'll leave it at that! They do have a very succesful turtle egg program, last year they gathered over 75,000 eggs with about an 80% success rate.

Chili is one happy dog out there. Birds to chase, ocean to swim in, new people petting her. I had forgotten to pack a ball for her, but she managed to meet a strapping male yellow lab by the name of Bailey who had a tennis ball. Thank the gods for friends with benefits!
Ok, so now I have been tagged by both Victoria on myspace and Nancy of with the same game. Come up with 8 random facts about myself. I will play this a little diffrently since my knowledge of adding links to my blog and things like that are not exactly high on my marketable skills, so I won't be sending this on, but I will respond. Victoria has been a great friend since Dallas, 1991 or so. We met when I hired her to work with me at a veterinary clinic in Irving and we went together like peas and carrots! She is now in Atlanta belly dancing her way to fame and success ( Nancy has a great blog that I have been reading from the onset. She started it when she and her husband decided to move to Mexico when he retired. The blog covers scouting trips, yard sales, decision making, remodeling the Mazatlan house and all. (Yes, they picked Mazatlan after all the traveling and research!) Anyways, here we go, useless information about me:
1. I hate open drawers and doors, must close them. Same goes for crooked pictures, must straighten. Now, ask me if I have brushed my hair today......
2. I am a classically trained flautist. For those not in the know, I used to play a mean flute.
3. I am a proud Spica-billy, half Spanish, half Appalachian-American.
4. I love boxes (chests, etc) ,bracelets and anything shiny. I was once told that I was half crow.
5. I read, ALOT and ANYTHING, kind of the same taste I have in music.
6. I played pool seriously for a number of years, I even played on an female
amateur 9-ball circuit and was ranked in the top 5 in Texas.
7. I will compete and/or gamble with anyone at anytime at whatever game.
8. I used to show hunter jumpers and one of my best mounts was actually a mammoth mule.


Will said...

OK, I've taken the "tag".

And thank you for finding me and tagging me. Have just spent an hour reading your blog to my girlfriend. Which led to her asking: Are you writing another blog without my knowledge? And when have you ever been to Mazatlan?

We were amazed to find so many similarities between your Mexican experiences and mine. It was an enjoyable read and I will return to read more.

Sans said...

Another blog, no. Why do you ask? And yes, I live in Mazatlan now, and have been for about 2 years so far!

Sans said...

Oh, and thanks for your kind words :)

Nancy said...

We just have to meet sometime.

For sure at least for a housewarming party when we get the courtyard done.

Sans said...

Sounds good! I'll have to admit, I am actually suprised we have not run into each other already. Unless you have not noticed it yet, Mazatlan is a pretty samll town for it's size. It's been our experience that even if you don't somebody, you will have a friend in commom.

Will said...

Ooops, cross-communication! I meant my girlfriend was asking ME if I was writing THIS blog :^)

The similarities of our experiences: police, healthcare, service etc.