Tuesday, December 04, 2007

8 things about me; by Chili

Chili here and this is my list of "8 random facts";

1. I grew up humbly on a rundown ranch in Bastrop, TX. I know, hard to tell by my regal manner, but I did leave it at 6 weeks of age.

2. I used to do missionary work, at least that is what I considered it to be. I worked with cattle in south Texas. Overall they were nice creatures, but not really that bright. They had to be shown how to walk as a group!! And not just once, EVERY DAY! Amazing they have made it so many years.

3. I was a fishing guide on Lake Conroe in Texas. This was done gratis as well. Some of the best fishermen currently on the lake learned from me! They would pick me up at the house and I would go help them out for the day. A few times I even had to dive in and grab the fish for them because it came off the hook. Why humans must complicate things and use a string and hook is beyond me. Simply, if you see a fish, jump in and snatch it up! You have opposable thumbs, how hard can it be!!

4. I like soccer, even though I do not know much about it. I am a native Texan, afterall, where football is king! Juan, the boy next door, lets me play soccer with he and his friends sometimes and it is fun. Of course, I am partial to any game that involves balls. I do like playing with the kids too, adult humans tend to wear out faster.

5. I am bi-racial. True, I am pure australian cattle dog, but my dad was a blue merle and my mom was a red merle. I am told it was quite scandalous at the time.

6. I have peed on the side of the road in 4 states in the USA and 2 states in Mexico and I am only 3 years old!

7. I like martinis. I tend to stop people in their tracks when they see me sitting in a barstool and drinking one without spilling a drop or turning the glass over.

8. I love water. It is great to swim in, there are fish and birds. Other dogs and their humans tend to go there as well. Love it.

9. Some call me obsessive about balls. I prefer "focused".

10. I really like cats. My colleagues that are purists will most likely scoff at me because we are not supposed to like anything that refuses to comply to our herding directions, but they really do have their charms. Some of my best friends have been feline. Hanging out with cats probably helped me adjust to life here in 'Manana-land'. After all, I never met a cat that got in a hurry about anything except for maybe dinner.
(BTW- Sans forgot this in her previous post: There are a few rules one must follow to play the game. When tagged, you must link to the person who tagged you. Then post the rules before your list, and list eight random things about yourself. At the end of the post, you must tag and link to eight other people.)

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