Monday, April 14, 2008

Mazatlan is going to the birds!!

There was an incident in Culican two weeks ago that involved 2 guys, a pickup, telephone booth and 476 illegal birds. Here is the article; .
Flash forward to today and because of this there are almost 300 baby parrots , estimated to be about four weeks old, being hand fed three times a day by alot of volunteers around Mazatlan with baby cereal embedded under their nails. The above picture is one I found on the web of a half moon conure which is the breed they are said to be. Right now they look kinda like that, but alot smaller and no feathers! For pictures and video of some of the actual orphaned birds see;
The group that is spearheading the effort is Conrehabit, which is a local organization that rescues and rehabilitates wildlife. It has been a huge job for all involved and once they are able to eat and survive on their own they will be released into the wild at the Conrehabit ranch. I do not have any parrots to feed, although I did receive a call yesterday that there were a couple that were not doing so well and I may be caring for them. I am helping to organize a benefit, however! For anyone in town this week, we are having a "Gringo Workday" at the Purple Onion, this Sunday April 20 from 3-6 pm. Howard from the Onion and Major from Mister A's will be manning the grill for a 'build your own' hamburger and hot dog bar. Myself and Italiano Joe will be handling the bar with happy hour prices and there will be a jam session with several musicians including Dick Damron. We will be running a raffle and the prizes include a golf/dinner/condo package at Estrella del Mar, wines, jewelry, art, two at home massages, gift certificates to various restaurants and more. It will definitely be alot of fun! For those of you that are not here, don't worry, you can still help! Just go to the Conrehabit website and click on the PayPal button. .
Also, next time you are in Mazatlan, swing by the Conamigos Bazaar to either shop or drop off that knick knack that you are tired of looking at! It is located in Centro, Calle Luis Zuniga #505 and all the proceeds help both Conrehabit and Amigos de los Animales. That is all for now, I am off to run around town and beg for more raffle prizes!


Nancy said...

That's very cool Sandy, thanks so much for doing that! I hope there is a great turnout.

Paul and I might not be able to come if we still have our flock...

If you want to come over and "play", feel free to stop by or call us at 981-2444.

Ashley Ladd said...

What you are all doing for the parrots is wonderful. Good luck with your benefits and with getting them ready for the Conrehabit.