Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Muchas Gracias!!!

They said it couldn't be done. "It's too late in the season, too many people have already left town".
Ha! We proved them wrong! The benefit went great. Better than great. We were expecting 100, hoping for 150 people. There was over 200 stuffed in the Purple Onion and alot of money (and awareness) was raised! Thank you!! Because of all of this Conrehabit has some breathing room and the parritos will get some much needed supplies.
The "Gringo Workday" did not go exactly as planned since it was so packed. Instead it was "Gringos Just Trying To Help the Staff And Not Get In Their Way Too Much Day". A big thanks to the businesses and individuals that contributed prizes for the raffle; The Purple Onion, Mr Aces, Olas Altas Steakhouse, Soul and Spirit Ventures, Casa de Leyendes, Estrella del Mar, Carlos and Lucias, Tom and Cathy Coonce, Autumn Brown (massage therapist), the Patricia Belle, Unico Gift Shop, Brentster, Dick Damron....I think that's it. Jennifer Swarts of Deadeye Design was wonderful in helping me with flyers. Dick Damron, the Brentster, and the rest of the musicians were great and there was alot of diffrent genres played. It was some kind of fun! There were jello shots, raffles, and dance contests. Alot of new friendships were made that afternoon as well-----or so I was told-----I was way too busy behind the bar to mingle! I did meet one couple who were ending their 'Mexico Tour '08', that they had been on to see where they were going to retire. They told me that after all the other places they had visited, they were pretty much set on Mazatlan, but they had so much fun and met so many friendly people at the benefit, they now have no doubts! Welcome to Mazatlan, Robert & Sandie!
Before I close, I want to send a big 'shout-out' to Howard, the staff of the Purple Onion, and also to my fellow "Onion-Heads" that were dragged into helping with this deal. You guys rule!!
For anyone still wanting to help out, here is the Conrehabit link once again:
Here is a collection of pictures from several people around town of the parrots being fed;
One more link, this is an article about Conrehabit and a previous rescue:


Nancy said...

WHat a great job, Sandy. That was truly superhuman.

Paul and I are sorry we missed it. Our plan had been to help Claire with the 1 pm feeding and then go to the benefit afterwards....when she didn't need more helpers we decided to head back to Centro and take care of our neglected chores instead.

I'm sure glad it was such a success, you should be really proud!

Sans said...

No, what you guys did is superhuman! My job was easy!