Thursday, November 05, 2009


I started this blog when I moved to Mazatlan to keep family and friends updated on what we were doing. My main inspiration was my mother, who is the type that likes to visualize things, so I was spending a good deal of time emailing pictures and letting her know what was going on. The rest of our friends and family were curious as well, and so then the idea of a blog to share the photos and stories hit me. I was never a regular poster, but obviously it has been overly quiet the last few months. The biggest reason is that my muse, Mom, was very ill this summer and ended up passing away in August. She had 9 brothers and sisters (Viva Los Bacas de Mosquero!!) and they were all alive until she was gone.....within five weeks, two more of her sisters followed her. I am not completely writing off this blog, who knows what the future holds. I may get another inspiration for it. In the meantime, Facebook has taken the place of this. It has been a great way to stay in touch with everyone and share the pictures/stories. If you read this and care to friend me on Facebook, feel free! I am currently the only Sandy Hill Pool, so I am not hard to find!


MeryBessieMargaret said...

I like your blog, and also your reason to open it.

I will be visiting your blog :D

Kisses from Spain.

Vinodanand Naidu said...

great thought. I too started blogging recently, and am new to this.

keep it coming.

do read my blog and let me know how have i fared

good luck to you