Monday, February 27, 2012

New beginnings

Sunset from Diego's Beach Bar- Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico.

I have decided to resurrect the blog. There have been many changes over the last couple of years. David and Chili are no longer in the picture--I have been here in Mazatlan alone about 3 years now. Up until last summer, I was working on a charter schooner as a deck hand and crewed on boat deliveries up and down the coast. The schooner is no longer chartering so I am now making a living mainly by real estate, but also by some writing and photography. It is not easy to make money here as a gringa, but I still love my life. Moving back to the states has crossed my mind on occasion, but the thought almost always brings me to tears, which tells me my time here is not over. My life is much simpler here, and I am not near the consumer as I was in the US and I like those facts. I find the Mexican people warm, kind and generous and I am shown unprompted acts of kindness for no reason, on a regular basis. I eat healthier-- very rarely does anything canned or frozen appear on my plate. And the weather--- fabulous.

The last couple years have been hard on Mazatlan and Mexico. Between the swine flu and the narco violence, the US and Canadian press have had a field day. The swine flu was never an issue and the narco violence is very funneled, but you would never think that from reading or watching the news. I travel all over this city everyday, and have all over the country as well, usually by myself....sometimes driving, other times by bus and walking. NEVER have I had even an uncomfortable moment as far as my personal safety goes. Fact is, the press has affected tourism and that is a major reason for me bringing the blog back. I want to share my stories and photos of this amazing place and the people that live here. I'll even dig into the past couple of years. Mexico and Mazatlan deserve so much more than what they have been getting and I am tired of the irresponsible and sometimes flat out incorrect reporting the NOB press has been putting out. I suppose it is a little arrogant to think I can make a diffrence, but If I can, even with one person.....

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Zoe said...

Not arrogant at all; all great things start with one person. Even the not so great things, but this change will be slow coming, I'm afraid. If only they all knew how wonderful this country is. (and after saying this, I just read the Messenger and the terrible thing that happened yesterday. Damn!) entedhe