Saturday, September 02, 2006

Hurricane John

John came and went with minimal effects here. It started with heavy winds and a torrential downpour about 9:30 pm Thursday (Aug. 31). That lasted about an hour and the streets and canals flooded extremely quickly. We were at the Purple Onion when it started and 15 minutes into it, decided to head home. Good thing we did, because even then, we ran into water above the wheel wells of the truck in several places. After a couple of minor detours, the USS Ford got us home. Luckily, that seems to have been the worst of it. We are still having bands of rain, albeit nothing major, even through this morning. Suprisingly enough though, we never lost electricity. In my limited experience thus far in Mazatlan I had come up with this calculation ; 30 minutes of thunderstorm activity is equal to 4 hours of power outage. Not so this time around!
I went out yesterday and took some pictures from the Malecon of the waves. They were not large, but very rough!

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