Saturday, September 16, 2006

Lane??.....Lane who??

Lane really changed his mind. He was planning on being a low category 2 at the most and was making a visit to the Baja. Nope, 36 hours after that prediction, he is here in a high category 3. It is about 10:30 local time and the eye is supposed to make landfall around 12 noon. It is now projected to land somewhere between us and a place 50 miles north of here. We'll see what happens! So far, we have had high winds and LOTS of rain. We drove around about an hour ago. Large number of trees down, signs,debris, etc. Camaron Sabalo was flooded, but not too terribly bad yet. I took a few pictures of the ocean from the Malecon in front of Valentino's. The photos do not really do the waves justice, they are impressive! It was pouring rain and the visibility was low, so the pictures are not very good. After the storm passes, if possible, I'll mosey around and get some more.

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