Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Live beach cam in Mazatlan


This is a really cool cam, you can control it from your own computer!


Rebecca Middleton said...

Hi there! Just curious if you know how the beach is doing in front of Torrez Mazatlan? I hear their bulkhead was washed out to sea in a recent storm.

Sans said...

I have not been in that direction in a good while, so I have no other information for you. I have heard about the erosion, although it is being blamed on contruction along the beach, not storms. In fact, a house on the beach north of Emerald Bay collapsed a couple of weeks ago because of it. There was an elderly couple in it at the time, one in a wheelchair, but they got out safely.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, This is a false rumor. I emailed a friend of mine, Alex, at Torres and he assured me everything is fine. Jeff Lovely